Sunday, 29 January 2012

Michael Bachmann

I could try the controversial approach to this by writing up my distant and unpopular views on politics and viciously slandering political figureheads every week to the point where my vexation becomes a constant stream of unintelligible rambling.

But instead of getting angry at politicians, I like to imagine them with excessive facial hair.

So, what happens when Michele Bachmann wanders through unfamiliar territory, and is gene-spliced with a random bearded gentleman? It's time to find out, with Bachmann's Beard Weekly!

Today, the locks of full-time wizard Michael Gambon, also known as Dumbledore, make an appearance.

Tax-cuts for pure-bloods? HPV vaccines that magically cause mental retardation? Who knows what policies Michael Bachmann would have in store.

Friday, 27 January 2012


Alright, there's no excuse now. Exams are over, so there'll be some commitment and passion flowing here. Intentionally, in the form of weekly input. Two features -The visual - "Bachman's Beard Sunday." You'll have to wait 'til Sunday to find out!
 ... But also, what's happening on Wednesday is chemistry, and that needs sharing. Two days late;

A day with Nitrogen.

You see them about everywhere, in the air and the soil, in food and water. But did you ever talk to the nitrogen atoms? They have problems too, and appreciate a little chat. A volatile specimen earlier told me of his adventures. He was unsure of himself, and on acid. Nitric acid. In no time, reduction took place, forming the nitro group, and radicalising the young man's ideas. His story was a cruel one.

Later, we worked it out with a crate of satsumas and a long night of monopoly and ecstasy. That's the beauty of accepting yourself. Nitrogen asked me to pass on it's story to you, so that you can search within to look outwards. It's a rebirth.